Wednesday, November 30, 2022


Absolute Evil…

Sponsored by a Democrat near you.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022


We’re Gonna…

 …lose our democracy.

Monday, November 28, 2022


Two Minutes of Peace and Beauty

 The horrors of Western civilization.

Saturday, November 26, 2022


 A great and occasionally funny update on the week’s insanity.

Friday, November 25, 2022


The Emerging Totalitarian Technocracy

In a free relatively open system of government, elections are held and special interests vie for ascendancy. If the system of voting is relatively simple and strait-forward, a party gains power by convincing — or conning — a majority of the voters to favor them. As the rules change and become more complex and nebulous, a party can add degrees of fraud to wrest power through less legitimate means.  Even in those circumstances, political interests battle it out while the voters go about their personal lives hoping their side wins in the next round.

The tell-tale sign that a system is on the road to a loss of freedoms is when a faction seeks to actively delegitimize and eliminate opposing views.  This is the terrible circumstance we in America — and many other countries — now find ourselves in.  The public knows this.  Leaving the stage of mere election fraud we have entered the slippery slope where the powers of state work in coordination with powerful corporatist entities (particularly in communications media) to reduce debate to non- debate. 

So far, Republicans, representing the more conservative side of the political spectrum, have not called to banish their opponents. Trump never sought to use the powers of government to criminalize the very existence of the left side of the spectrum.  The case today is far different and should be of concern to all.

No one seriously thinks that the current president is fully in charge of his faculties and decisions. Whoever is running the show is clearly committed to imposing an extreme leftist ideology upon the country.  Not to “progress” but to radically alter the country’s system of government — to eliminate the constitutional order, the country’s traditions, and economic vitality.  The end goals are clearly to put central political authority firmly in control over the daily lives of citizens and ultimately to facilitate allegiance to a global order that will surveil, judge, restrict, and punish all who are not on board with their “revolution.” 

America’s Democrat party, under the heavy hand of leftist bureaucrats, an inept president, and a radically politicized “Justice” department has been actively seeking to criminalize any political position they see as threatening their mission.

So it is that Republicans in general and “MAGA” Republicans in particular are described as terrorists, extremists, and “threats to democracy.”  The Garland “Justice” department has become something akin to the police apparatus of the former Soviet Union or Eastern block communist dictatorships.  Under the contemporary Democrat party, one can be at serious risk of being arrested by early morning SWAT raids and imprisoned with no charges for over a year, all for the “crime” of voicing support for “America First” or the virtually outlawed desire to “make America great again.”  Trespassing in a government building is now an “insurrection” even though it had been done numerous times before by their team, with no repercussions. If Antifa or Black Lives Matter had been the culprits, several paintings and sculptures would have been damaged and attempts to burn the building down would have been made. There are people currently imprisoned who never even entered the Capitol building.

The former president (and future opposition to the Democrats) has had his home raided, his taxes scrutinized (with no evidence of any crime), and he and his family and associates have been perpetually persecuted. Why?  He wants to,”Make America great again.” Specifically, to lower taxes, deregulate the economy and allow the country a position of energy independence and economic vitality.  Along with these sober stances are the typical Republican positions of a strong effective military and respect for the individual over conjured Marxist collective abstractions.

To any honest observer, several recent elections have been opened to widespread manipulation and fraud. Even if that were not the case, the system has become so muddled in bizarre schemes (unsolicited mail-in voting, ballot “harvesting,” drop boxes, etc.) that a large portion of the electorate has little faith in honest election outcomes. Hardly a recipe for democratic governance. 

In spite of nonsensical projections and hoaxes, the flag-bearers of radical leftist thought are not the victims they perpetually claim to be. They hold the levers of power virtually everywhere.  It’s the common citizen who would dare wear a MAGA hat that need fear the shock troops of Antifa or some other crazed person or group.

On several occasions, the current president has made it clear that his party and administration will literally not permit Trump to run (not allow voters to decide).  In essence, the Democrats will now decide who is permitted to run against them.  Liz Cheney or Mitt Romney may be approved but anyone to the right of them is now to be branded a “domestic terrorist.”

This is the current domestic slide into tyranny. What truly makes it different from prior attempts at eliminating freedom is the technology at the disposal of authoritarian minions.  It is no longer a “conspiracy theory”  to note the “transformations” the world would be subjected to by the likes of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, Yuval Harari, Justin Trudeau, Emanuel Macron, et al.  Already, in several countries, the ground is being laid for mass-surveillance, vaccine “passports,” social credit scores, and digital currency that can be controlled by an international authority. 

The totalitarian mindset is as old as tribes and cave-dwellers. In modern times, even the most ruthless control-freak was constrained by societal standards that demanded competition in the realm of ideas. If you wanted to enslave a population you had to at least concoct a phony justification.  Now, you just arrest your enemy, call his or her followers domestic threats, and prepare to monitor every citizen’s behavior and beliefs.

There have been massive protests across the globe against schemes like vaccine passports, phony election outcomes, and degrees of Covid lockdowns. Establishment media has been a willing facilitator of looming tyranny (how many legacy media outlets have shown the thousands of citizens in Brazil who knew their election was stolen?). 

We can take some satisfaction in knowing that not everyone is going to go peacefully into the night while tyrants and technocrats plan world-enslavement.  Let’s hope that the former outnumbers the latter. 

Thursday, November 24, 2022


Died Suddenly

This documentary is certainly controversial.  

Big Tech, “fact-checkers,” the government, and big pharma describe such documentaries and the questions they raise as “conspiracy theories” and…maybe they are. But, the reality is that the noted mouthpieces of establishment authority have not exactly been forthcoming with answers to legitimate questions. In the end we choose who to believe. For me, the state and its affiliates have seldom been convincing regarding….anything.


Passports to Hell

Sound appraisal warrants concern.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022



 This is interesting….



 Leftists are totally okay with this shit.


Extreme Far-right Fascists…(supposedly)

at it again…. 

Funny that establishment media will make a fuss over a couple hundred disgruntled leftists but crowds like those currently protesting in Brazil keep being swept under the radar.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022


The pronoun police…

 If I have to use your pronouns, you have to use my chosen adjectives — bizarre and amazing. Non-compliance is an “act of violence.” 

Monday, November 21, 2022


Love him or hate him…

Those who are thoroughly deranged by Trump are clinically insane.   It’s now being stated by some that Russia was responsible for getting Trump back on Twitter — what flaming idiots.

Can’t people just hate his policies, state their case, and let others agree or disagree?

Saturday, November 19, 2022


 Concise refutation of nonsense.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022


 The difference between MAGA and garden variety politicos. 


 Democracy dies under



Eyes Wide Blindfolded

As current events would tell us; voters in much of the U.S. are okay with chaos.  They don’t mind increases in crime and actually support letting violent criminals out of detention without bail. They want their young children to be taught to hate America, to despise white skin and to think that slavery never existed outside of the US.  We should now believe that voters wish to honor niche sexual behavior as a standard to be celebrated among elementary school children. Public school teachers should now override the wishes of parents and, as representatives of the state, should foster secrecy from families in serious life-altering decisions. Apparently voters are okay with commands to wear masks, to keep their kids home from school, to obey commands for compulsory experimental “vaccines”under threat of losing one’s livelihood . The vote tallies apparently indicate that Americans don’t much like the country’s constitution and freedom of speech. 

We’re supposed to believe that voters are at least okay with these things when presented with an alternative horror of lower taxes, less regulation and a secure border.  There is of course the abortion issue and there are indeed people who value that above all the items noted.

So what has changed in the culture and an election process that has come to favor in-your-face socialism?  We can, of course, expect obvious “blue” areas like those in California and New York to favor Democrats no matter how much damage is done under them. We can’t overlook the fact that many youthful voters have been raised in a cultural milieu and “education” system that fosters obedience to the omnipotent state. To “resist” now means to obey. 

No matter what transpires in the extended election “season,”the most significant conclusions one can come to are fairly clear. The Republicans did not do as well as expected — to put it mildly.  There’s an entire spectrum of appraisals being made from the fact that they squeezed by with some positive outcomes to perceptions among some that they were utterly defeated.

Truly objective observers aren’t completely pessimistic.  A lot of the Republican losses were “toss ups” to begin with.  It would have been quite amazing if a Republican became Governor of New York in spite of excess taxation, crime, and regulation.  A percentage of a population will always favor socialism no matter how obvious it’s failures.

There are a host of reasons now being expressed as to what had happened.  Characters like Mitch — the turtle — McConnell were certainly no help. 

It would probably be a mistake for Republicans to see their circumstance as utter defeat. Democrats would be equally mistaken if they view events as mass approval for their policies.

Any sane observer has got to acknowledge questionable circumstances in some important elections.  Elections with (very) early voting, late voting, mass mail-in voting, drop boxes, “harvesters,” unaccounted for ballots, no signature matching, etc. is not just open to manipulation, it’s the obvious purpose — I mean, how hard is it to have simple paper ballots submitted and counted on Election Day along with proof of identity?  Really. Was Florida’s quick and efficient election all that bad? ‘Interesting that the most convoluted processes tend to give Democomms a win while the most verifiable and honest elections skew toward Republican wins.  It’s no wonder that Democrats are so opposed to strict and honest procedures.  Confusion and scams are the only way they can win.  The most classic of Democrat schemes can be seen in Arizona, where the person overseeing the election was the Democrat actually running (for governor) - a dull uninspiring woman who refused to debate and has a mere trickle of a social media following — kind of like something we saw two years ago. 

Establishment “Republicans” (eg. Mitch McConnell) are equally at fault for some losses.  They were so consumed by their opposition to populism and associations with Donald Trump that they literally subverted successes in their own party.  

Now what? As this is being written, there’s actually a chance that Nancy Pelosi could keep her gavel.  That would be a defeat and would be devastating to the country and its future. It would guarantee continued insane inflation-producing spending on leftist wish lists. It would guarantee the over-burdened southern border would remain wide open and for crime rates to continue their ascent. 

If the Republicans take the house, Biden’s bullshit spending and green schemes will be dead in the water, as will his brigade of new IRS storm-troopers.  My favorite….let the investigations begin!  Not out of spite and revenge but out of a legitimate desire to reveal to the public just how corrupt the leftist mega-state has become.  Definitely fire Christopher Wray, Mayorkas, and several other arrogant and uncooperative autocrats/bureaucrats. The entire justice department needs to be gutted and reestablished as an institution that honors justice.

I had noted in a recent post my disgust with Donald Trump attacking Ron DeSantis.  It really is a stupid “strategy,” at least at this point in time.  Actually, it would be a great idea for Trump to run with DeSantis as a running mate but that’s not likely to happen.

For now, the black pill Americans have taken will further support the cabal of internationalist institutions that seek to implement a socialist technocracy and surveillance state on a global scale. That’s no longer a “conspiracy theory.”  The cabal is quite open regarding their end game and it’s quite clear that many of the world’s “leaders” are fully on board with a sci-if dystopia method of governance. 

If freedom and prosperity lose in the battle before us, currently we have at least bought some more time to stock up on food, defenses, and ways to resist the recurring tyranny that dominates so much of human history. 


Some great insight by Mark Levin.

Monday, November 14, 2022


The ultimate — accurate — cynic.

 If you don’t mind a barrage of swearing, this guy is priceless. 

Sunday, November 13, 2022


 Absolutely amazing!

The emboldened prepare to seal their deal. Buckle up, and when the time comes, respond accordingly.

Saturday, November 12, 2022


Same old same old….

 Another election where — in numerous instances — the Republican is ahead but, AFTER election Day, batches of “mail-in ballots” and ballots from “drop boxes” put the Democrat over the finish line. If one calls for strict standards of fairness and simplicity in the way elections are run….”that’s racist!”

The Democrats are blatantly brazen in their disregard for democratic norms.  They might as well just use their woke Department of Defense to seize power outright (the way they have used allied media and communication channels). 

The response to this nonsense must be fervent and unyielding…or, say goodbye to a free society.


Trump is now clearly on a slow path to political suicide

 Attacking Desantis immediately after a landslide victory — and a year of incredible successes — is just plain stupid.  

Thursday, November 10, 2022


Where Democrats win….

 Don’t Question Elections!

Wednesday, November 09, 2022


 It’s beyond “interesting” that, when numerous election anomalies occur, the Democrats don’t seem to mind it….now, why would that be?



Monday, November 07, 2022


 An excellent synopsis of the perpetual violence directed at conservatives (while leftists project their over-the-top projection at anyone to the right of Mao Zedong).


Perennial nonsense 


 An excellent appraisal of some of the more fervent delusions in the “green energy” racket.

Tuesday, November 01, 2022


YouTube thinks this requires a context link. That’s how pathetic this scam has become. The pink-haired drones of Silicon Valley think their censorious opinion overrides the legitimate appraisals and questions of respectable medical personnel. 

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